How do I sell a product?

There are two options to sell a product on Modsie, they are both accessible trough the SELL button on the top right of the main page:

  • Classic Sale: You take control and list your product online by filling out a form with detailed information about the product you are selling (category, title, description, material, colour, condition, price you want for it etc.). Once you have submitted this request, our team will approve your request before the product is listed online. You keep the product till it is sold on our website.
  • Consignment Sale: If you want to save time and let us do all the work for you, you can choose to ship us your product directly for Consignment by completing a simple request. Our team takes beautiful pictures, writes a professional description, answers questions from other Users on your behalf, wraps it and ships it directly to its Buyer once sold.
How do I choose the price of my Product?

To choose a fair price for your product you should consider several elements: its retail price, the year it has been bought, its condition (very good, good or fair). Remember that Users are also looking for good deals, so the more competitive your price is, the greater your chances of a quick sale are.

Are all brands accepted?

We endeavour to provide to our Users a selection of brands that are aligned to luxury and high-end fashion houses and designers. We also want the products to be in a good condition.

If you want to submit a product for sale for a brand that is not in our brand list, do not hesitate to send us a message. We will review your request and advise whether we will update our accepted list!


What are the fees for submitting a product for sale?

It is free to list a product for sale on our website! Our commission only applies once a product has been sold.

What is your commission?

Our commission only applies once a product has been sold on the website.

Our commission is 20% of the product price, with a minimum of 25$ that covers our administration fees and handling fees. With the Consignment service, our commission is 30% of the product price.

As always, there is no fee to submit a product for sale on our website.


I have submitted a Product for sale, when will it be listed?

Before a product is listed for sale on Modsie, our team ensures that the product is up to our shopping community’s expectations (i.e. brand, condition, authenticity etc.). Our team will endeavour to complete their assessment and list your product online within 48h. While waiting you can edit your product information via My Account > My Products.

I have submitted a Product for sale, but my pictures have not been accepted?

If you have been asked to add to or change the product pictures you have submitted for sale, it can be for several reasons.

To ensure your pictures will be accepted, the pictures you add must be yours and represents the product you have submitted for sale. To respect third party Intellectual Property rights, you can’t use pictures from advertisements or pictures found on the web of similar products.

Your pictures must, as much as possible, show your product in its true current condition. For example, if your product has scratches, you should add a picture of the scratches to ensure that your potentials Buyers are informed.

We may also ask you to provide additional pictures, with better lighting or from a different angle of view.

I have submitted a Product for sale but further information is required, why?

Our moderation team proceeds to a first check of condition and authenticity of products when they are submitted for sale.

You may be ask to provide proof of authenticity of products, such as bill, authenticity card, pictures of brand signature, serial number, hologram etc.

You can also be asked to add additional pictures to your listing to provide sufficient information for other Users (e.g. details such as the linen of a bag, the heels of shoes etc.).

Why has my Product been refused for sale?

Each product submitted for sale is reviewed by our moderation team and has to meet several criteria (e.g. authenticity, brand, condition etc.). If your product has not been accepted it means it does not meet one or more of the acceptance criteria.

My Product has been accepted, when will it be sold?

Once your product is online, there are several things you can do to maximise your chances of selling it:

  • Ensure that you promptly respond to Users questions and comments regarding your products
  • Ensure that you have added descriptive details about the product
  • Ensure that you have added a number of pictures taken at different angles displaying your product
  • If all else fails, you may want to reduce the price of your product to make it more competitive.


How do I reduce the Price of one of my Products?

All products that you have listed for sale can be found via My Account > My Products. If you want to reduce the price of one of your products, simply click on the Edit link corresponding to the product and update the product price. You may also want to offer a Sale price which will indicate to other users that you have reduced your original price.

How do I remove one of my products from the website?

All products that you have listed for sale can be found via My Account > My Products. If you want to delete one of your products, simply click on the Delete link corresponding to the product.


My Product has been sold, where do I ship my Product?

Once your product is sold on our website, we will send you by email a prepaid shipping label. You can use this label to ship us the product for its Quality Control. Our address will be already written as the recipient on the label.

What are the conditions for the use of the Free shipping label?

The shipment is free if you ship us the product within 7 days following the order of your product. After this delay the shipping costs will be deduced from your payment.

You need to print the label, without any modification and affix it on your parcel. If you can’t print it, you can hand-write it on your parcel respecting the following conditions:

  1. Address lines – must be aligned left.
  2. First line – to contain the words “Return Paid” followed by the Return Paid number allocated by Australia Post.
  3. Second and third lines – “Attention” or reference details appear below the Return Paid number and the organisation name.
  4. Second last line – to contain the post office box address or the street address.
  5. Bottom line – to contain in the following order: the locality (or the post office name), the state or territory abbreviation and the postcode.
This line is to be printed in CAPITALS with no underlining or punctuation of any sort.
Leave one or two spaces only between the locality, state or territory abbreviation and the postcode.
Where can I find the prepaid shipping label?

Once your product has been sold, the prepaid shipping label is available in My Account > My Sales next to the order details.

The prepaid shipping label is also sent to you by email. If you haven’t received it, please check in your Junk or spam mail folders or Contact us.

When will I be paid?

For each order, we collect the payment from your Buyer and hold it till our Quality Control Team has deemed the product to be compliant. Payments to the Seller (minus our commission) will be processed within 7 days of the product being deemed compliant.

I don’t have a PayPal account, how will I be paid?

For the moment, we are only able to pay our Sellers via their PayPal account. Please ensure that your PayPal address is up to date in the My Account > Seller Info page.