R.M. Williams

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Reginald Murray Williams AO, CMG (24 May 1908 – 4 November 2003) was an Australian bushman and entrepreneur who rose from a swagman to a millionaire. Widely known as just ‘R.M.’, he was born 200 kilometres north of Adelaide, into a pioneering settler family working and training horses. R.M. became famous for creating an Australian style of bushwear boots recognised worldwide.

R.M. learned his leather-working skills from a horseman called Dollar Mick, making bridles, pack saddles and riding boots. In 1932, with his son’s illness and the expense of hospital treatment, he was in need of money and began selling his saddles to Sir Sidney Kidman, a wealthy pastoralist. R.M. soon had a small factory running in his father’s back shed in Adelaide that rapidly expanded.

Williams’ boots were unique when they were introduced to the market, as they consisted of a single piece of leather that was stitched at the rear of the boot and then created an elastic-sided boots which are now the most famous.