How was your Buy Nothing New Month?

October was the “Buy Nothing New Month”, a campaign that started in Melbourne in 2010 after Tamara DiMattina came back from an expedition to Antarctica to learn about climate change and sustainability. Fairfax calls Tamara ‘PR for the Planet’ and she is the founder of Buy Nothing New Month and The New Joneses.

What is Buy Nothing New Month?

BNNM is a global movement about conscientious consumption which highlights where our stuff comes from (finite resources) and where it goes (landfill). The challenge is promoting alternatives such as second-hand, repair, rent, borrow or swap. Of course, it does not include the essentials like food, hygiene and medicines but it makes you think twice before walking down the aisles of your department stores and buy items you might not need. Pledge to buy nothing new and you’ll be surprised by the money you can save when you look at the alternatives to buying new!

BNNM badge

The average Australian woman purchases 27kgs of clothing in a year and ends up using only around a third of her total wardrobe. By giving a second-life to fashion products and by extending the life of clothes by nine months you would reduce waste and its emissions by 30%. 

You can make further efforts during the month of October, but you can also permanently reduce your consumption all year around and buy second-hand fashion products on Modsie, furniture on Gumtree and Facebook marketplace, appliances on ebay, and make a better world 😉

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